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The Competition Council analyzes the takeover of Termo Craiova by Complexul Energetic Oltenia


Competition watchdog analyzes the economic concentration resulted from the merger through absorption of Termo Craiova SRL by SC Complexul Energetic Oltenia SA (CE Oltenia), the authority announced on Monday. Termo Craiova manages the heat distribution and supply system in Craiova municipality and is one of the large clients, buyer of thermal energy, of Electrocentrale Craiova Branch within CE Oltenia structure. CE Oltenia was established through the merger of the National Company of Lignite Oltenia Targu Jiu, CE Turceni, CE Rovinari and CE Craiova (GD no. 1024/2011) and its main activity consists of electricity and heat production and supply and the exploitation of lignite mines and quarries. According to the Competition Law no. 21/1996, the merger through absorption of Termo Craiova by CE Oltenia is an economic concentration that exceeds the value thresholds provided by law, being subject to approval by the Competition Council.

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