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GD 318/2024 – Contracts for Difference


The Official Journal of Romania Part I no. 333 of April 10, 2024

Romanian Government

  • Decision No 318/2024 approving the general framework for the implementation and operation of the support mechanism through contracts for difference for low carbon technologies

M. Of. Partea I nr. 333 din 10 aprilie 2024

Guvernul Romaniei

  • Hotararea nr. 318/2024 privind aprobarea cadrului general pentru implementarea si functionarea mecanismului de sprijin prin contracte pentru diferenta pentru tehnologiile cu emisii reduse de carbon

You can download the Government Decision in Romanian here:

GD 318/2024

Annex to GD 318/2024

A translation into English of the Government Decision is available upon request, at the price of EUR 89.2 (the source document has 22.3 pages; 1 page = 2,000 characters with spaces; price per page = EUR 4). The price for the translated Annex to GD 318/2024, containing the CfD contract for the CfD scheme for onshore wind and solar PV technologies, is EUR 268 (the source document contains approx. 67 pages). To order this translation, please contact us at mariana.stan@romaniascout.ro.