Addendum to the agreement with NAMR – Petrom and Exxon speed up explorations in the Black Sea


The National Agency for Mineral Resources (NAMR) in Romania has concluded an addendum to the agreement with OMV Petrom and ExxonMobil for the Neptun block in the Black Sea, so that exploration works are expedited, according to NAMR President Gheorghe Dutu. „The Government approved this addendum in the last meeting. The addendum was concluded upon request of Petrom officials”, Dutu said, quoted by Agerpres. According to him, the addendum, the third from the signing of the agreement, is classified, according to the law, because it provides the work program undertaken by investors for this block.

The Official Gazette of Romania Part I no. 491 of August 5th 2013

The Government of Romania

  • Decision no. 551 of July 30th 2013 on the approval of the Addendum no. 3 to the Petroleum Concession Agreement for Exploration, Development and Exploitation in the XIX Neptun block, approved by Government Decision no. 1.233/2000

You can download the Government Decision in Romanian here:

HG 551 din 30.07.13 – M.Of. nr. 491 din 05.08.13

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