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The largest photovoltaic park in Romania, near completion. Investment worth EUR 100mln


The largest photovoltaic park in Romania and one of the largest in Europe, stretching over 200 hectares and including 317,000 solar panels, is near completion, near Sebis locality, in Arad County, following an investment of EUR 100mln. The park has a total installed power of 65MW, which would cover the demand of 100,000 people, 700 people working on the project. The investment belongs to the Spanish company Promocion Inversolar 65, which allocated a budget of EUR 100mln for three energy projects developed in Sebis, on a total area of almost 200 hectares. According to the economic director of the Spanish company, Jose Maria Abuli, the first two projects aim at a total area of 44 hectares, 72,000 photovoltaic panels being already installed, with a total power of 15MW. These projects will be completed in March – April, when works on other 150 hectares begin, on which 245,000 panels will be mounted, with a nominal power of over 50MW.

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