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Seven power plants of 1,200MW to be decommissioned


Seven power plants subordinated to the Department for Energy, with a total installed capacity of over 1,200MW, will be decommissioned starting from 2014 and until 2019, according to a document in public debate on the website of the Ministry of Economy. Thus, next year two groups of 50MW each will be decommissioned at CET Brasov, as well as a group of 210MW of the Doicesti thermal power plant, within the Termoelectrica SA company. Subsequently, in 2017, a group of 50MW from CET Grozavesti (within Electrocentrale Bucharest SA) will be stopped, but also a thermal power plant of 210MW from Electrocentrale Deva (within the Hunedoara Energy Complex). For 2018 it is planned to decommission a group of 330MW from the Turceni thermal power plant, included in the Oltenia Energy Complex. The same year a thermal power group of 125MW from CET Bucharest South, managed by Electrocentrale Bucharest, will also be shut down. Also, in 2019 Termoelectrica SA will shut down the 210MW group from the Borzesti Branch. Moreover, the draft regulation subject to public debate is necessary to approve the mechanism of transitory free allocation of allowances for greenhouse gas emissions to electricity producers, during 2013-2020, including the National Investment Plan.