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REPORT on electricity prices and quantities sold by producers on the regulated electricity market



REPORT on electricity prices and quantities sold by producers on the regulated electricity market

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), under Art. 5 paragraph (1) letter b) and Art. 9 paragraph (1) letter e) of the Law no. 160/2012 for the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 33/2007 on the amendment and supplementing of the Electricity Law no. 13/2007 and of the Gas Law no. 351/2004, is the competent authority that approves the electricity sale-purchase regulated prices and the amounts of electricity of the contracts concluded between producers and suppliers of end-clients that choose regulated prices, with the compliance of their gradual elimination schedule.

Based on electricity quantities that would be produced by each producer, resulted from the running of the optimization software PowrSym and considering the specific provisions on the takeover on the regulated market of electricity produced in high efficiency cogeneration supplied by the producers beneficiary of the bonus support scheme, ANRE has established, depending on the demand of consumers who choose regulated prices, the share of electricity production of dispatching energy groups to be taken over, under the obligation of public service, on regulated contracts.

Thus, ANRE has established for 2013 on the regulated market the amount of electricity for the consumption of end-consumers that did not use the eligibility right, of 15,337,725MWh, at an average supply price of RON 155/MWh. The main producers participating to the acquisition basket of 15,337,725MWh for the regulated market are presented in the table below:

graphic anre

*) Producers beneficiary of the bonus support scheme producing electricity of in high-efficiency cogeneration participate in the regulated electricity market during 01.01.2013 – 30.06.2013.

Source: www.anre.ro