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Regulated prices for power plants of less than 1MW could be applied as of June or July


The scheme for fixed feed-in tariffs to be applied to power plants under 1MW and 2MW for biomass-fired co-generation units could start in June or July, if the response expected by authorities from the European Commission comes in March, ANRE Board Member Zoltan Nagy stated on Thursday. According to him, the last set of documents on feed-in tariffs was sent to the European Commission in December 2013, but the final response hasn’t been received yet. “We are waiting for EC’s approval for these regulated prices for units of less than 1MW and 2MW, respectively, for biomass-fired co-generation power plants. In the first week of December we sent the last set of documents to the Commission, on feed-in tariffs, and talks on power plants of less than 1MW started in May 2013. EC asked questions and we responded in December 2013. We are waiting for their reaction and opinion. We sent a methodology based on which these tariffs will be calculated, and in December we also sent certain examples of tariffs”, Zoltan Nagy said at HydroPower Energy Summit 2014. He drew attention that these figures may not be final, because after the final prices would be calculated after the final approval of the methodology.