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Minister for Energy Constantin Nita plans to reduce the number of green certificates earlier than 2014


Government will reduce earlier than January 1st 2014 the number of green certificates granted for energy generation in wind power plants, photovoltaic power plans and micro hydropower plants, according to a draft Government Decision initiated by the Department for Energy. Thus, for each MWh of wind energy 1.5 green certificates will be granted until 2017 and 0.75 green certificates as of the next year. The current legislation provides the allocation of two green certificates until 2017 and one as of 2018. The number of green certificates granted to solar energy producers will be halved, from 6 to 3 units/MWh. The project stipulates the granting of 2.3 green certificates, instead of 3, for each MWh produced and delivered, if the hydro power plants are new with installed powers of no more than 10MW (micro hydropower stations). In the case of similar upgraded units, the share of 2 green certificates is maintained.