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Layoffs at Hidroelectrica: over 300 employees made redundant


Former managing director of Hidroelectrica, Traian Oprea, was fired on Tuesday from the state-owned company, where he was holding an engineer position, with other 303 employees, including union leaders, directors and wives of directors.  Following these layoffs, the number of Hidroelectrica employees fells to approximately 4,500. According to Remus Borza, head of Euro Insol, the official receiver of the energy producer, Oprea was a “simple engineer” at Hidroelectrica. Traian Oprea was managing director at Hidroelectrica during 2003-2009. He was revoked in 2009 and appointed deputy managing director, President Traian Basescu stating at that time that he had used his influence on the Government to replace him. In January, Economy Minister Varujan Vosganian appointed Oprea as personal adviser, subsequently quitting Oprea, upon pressure from PM Victor Ponta. Hidroelectrica has been in insolvency since last year. One of the reasons of insolvency is the sale of energy at low prices to several beneficiaries, called by President Traian Basescu “the wise guys”. Oprea led Hidroelectrica during the time when the contracts with the “wise guys” were signed.