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Energy produced in thermal power plants to have priority in the energy system


Government approved last week, without any public debate, a Decision on certain measures for electricity supply safety. The decision has not been published in the Official Gazette yet, but according to a bill obtained by HotNews the measures consist of granting guaranteed access for thermal power plants in Hunedoara and Oltenia to the power networks. Also, Transelectrica is forced to ensure the priority dispatch for electricity produced in thermal power plants. Basically, by this decision less profitable energy producers will have a priority over others more profitable. The decision was approved on Wednesday’s meeting, without a prior public debate. It was included on the list of regulatory documents approved, with a single specification: “The Government approved a Decision adopting, for April 15th 2013 – July 1st 2015, certain safety measures on the national energy system and large producers of conventional energy”. On this occasion, the main players found out about the existence of this Government Decision regarding certain safety measures of the energy system. Asked why there was no public debate, Minister for Energy Constantin Nita stated that certain measures had to be adopted urgently. It should be noted that it is not an Emergency Ordinance and it was not published in the Official Gazette by Friday, April 5th.

Source: www.hotnews.ro