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Constantin Nita: “EC agrees with our proposals of changing the support for green energy”


The European Commission (EC) agrees the bill amending the support scheme for renewable energy, prepared by the Energy Department of the Ministry of Economy, Minister for Energy Constantin Nita stated yesterday at the Parliament House. He explained, for Bursa newspaper: “The bill remains unchanged: part of the green certificates will be postponed for three years and a half and large energy consumers will be exempt from payment of half the certificates, provided that they make investments in energy efficiency. The European Commission understood that we would grant this exemption for three years and a half only if large consumers achieve these investments and ANRE is in charge of the checks. I think next week the draft Emergency Ordinance will reach the Government’s table”. The bill provides the postponement of granting one green certificate per MWh for wind parks and 2 green certificates per MWh for solar parks. Postponed certificates will be given to producers as of January 1st 2017, the authorities thus hoping to flatten the financial effort for consumers. The bill also provides the possibility to include in the energy basket for the regulated market the electricity obtained from renewable sources, which is the cheapest in the market (it is traded without the costs related to green certificates, which appear separately on the invoices of all consumers).