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Transelectrica Bucharest (BSE:TEL) wants to build an electric cable under the Danube to Germany


Transelectrica plans to build an electric cable under the Danube, linking Romania to Germany, Managing Director Andrei Benghea-Malaies stated in a press release. He attended the roundtable “Security, Strategy and Energy Governance” organized by experts within GEA Strategy & Consulting S.A., Romania Energy Center (ROEC) and Expert Forum. Andrei Benghea-Malaies stated that in the next years a special attention should be paid to investments in the energy sector.  “For example, infrastructure development must be correlated with production from the planning phase, it’s necessary to build energy storage capacities and develop in the north-west of the country production capacities to balance flows that are geographically unbalanced. Also, increasing exports requires increasing interconnection capacities and building a cable under the Danube, to Central Europe (for example Romania – Germany) may contribute to evacuating generation in the south of Romania”, Transelectrica MD also stated. Transelectrica had planned an undersea cable between Romania and Turkey; started in 2004, the project has not materialized so far.