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The Romanian state to liquidate Doicesti thermal power plant


The Ministry of Economy has decided to dissolve and liquidate Termoelectrica, given the “impossibility to achieve the object of activity, respectively electricity generation”, a company announcement reads. The company includes, after restructurings, Doicesti and Borzesti thermal power plants, currently on the black list of the IMF. Due to massive losses and high costs for energy production, these thermal power plants have come into IMF’s sight and the state has decided to liquidate them. CTE Doicesti has been developed in stages, in the first stage 6 groups of 20MW being built and in the second stage 2 units of 200MW being assembled; later, the groups 1-6 were decommissioned. Currently, the installed power of CTE Doicesti is 200MW and consists of a lignite-fired unit of 200MW, commissioned in 1979.