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ANRE Order 17/2013, ANRE Order 18/2013


The Official Gazette of Romania Part I no. 181 from April 1st 2013

The National Energy Regulatory Authority

–          Order no. 18 from March 27th 2013 on the approval of the regulated transit tariff charged by the transmission and system operator of the provisions of the electricity transit service from/to the perimetric countries through the National Power System.

–          Order no. 17 from March 27th 2013 amending the Monitoring Methodology of the renewable energy promotion system through green certificates, approved by Order of the President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority no. 6/2012.

You can download the Romanian version here:

Ordin ANRE nr. 17 din 27.03.13 – M.Of. nr. 181 din 01.04.13

Ordin ANRE nr. 18 din 27.03.13 – M.Of. nr. 181 din 01.04.13

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