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Romania’s energy market watchdog: “August brings lower bills by 5-7% for electricity”


Electricity bills related to July received by consumers in August will be lower by 5-7%, Nicolae Havrilet, President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), stated yesterday. “It’s about the reduction by 1.3% announced on July 1st for the electricity prices, and the remaining decrease is the result of reducing green certificates”, he explained, quoted by Agerpres. The equivalent value of green certificates received by energy producers from renewable sources is separately shown in the invoice and, by July 1st, it meant around 10% of the total amount paid by electricity consumers. ANRE representatives stated on July 11th 2013 that, for consumers, the effect generated by the postponement of trading a certain number of green certificates, according to the provisions of GEO 57/2013, would be felt in the August invoice.