PDL asks PM Ponta to dismiss four ministers


PDL Deputy President Andreea Paul announced that PDL requested PM Victor Ponta to dismiss ministers Cristian Nita, Varujan Vosganian, Daniel Chitoiu and Liviu Voinea, criticizing the “scandal and slip-ups” in the case of moving Transgaz and Romgaz offices from Medias to Bucharest. In a press conference organized on Sunday, Andreea Paul stated that Victor Ponta, with Energy Minister Constantin Nita wanted to open a new office of Transgaz and Romgaz in Bucharest, i.e. splitting the Medias-based companies in two. It will have major implications on the economy, showing that a new office means expenses, rents and new employees for their “own mafia”, Andreea Paul also stated. Andreea Paul added that these moves would only increase gas prices, after the two price hikes on July 1st and October 1st, according to the timetable established with the IMF. “Romania’s industry is put down with serious consequences, three industrial giants are in danger”, Andreea Paul also said, naming InterAgro, ArcelorMittal and Dacia Renault. Andreea Paul stated that the “Prime Minister’s announcement” on the new secondary office of Romgaz and Transgaz also mean “a masked battle” inside USL for regionalization. “PSD tries to reduce Sibiu’s economic importance, which is in direct competition with Brasov for the establishment of the regional capital, Nita’s Brasov”, Andreea Paul also stated. Andreea Paul also mentioned that the slip-ups and the scandal surrounding this issue of moving Transgaz and Romgaz headquarters endangers the floatation on BSE of the 15% stake in Transgaz, showing that Transgaz titles lost 2.44% during the Friday’s trading session. “It’s enough, Mr. Ponta! You are Romania’s Prime Minister, not a TV star! Therefore, PDL requests PM Ponta to dismiss the bankruptcy and insolvency ministers: Nita, Vosganian, Chitoiu and Voinea”, Andreea Paul stressed. President Traian Basescu stated on Thursday for Digi24 that Romgaz’s transfer to Bucharest is “stupid” and a “big mistake”, because there is a tradition for this company to have its headquarters and infrastructure in Medias.