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OMV Petrom’s Brazi power plant stopped due to low temperatures


Winter return affects the national energy system: due to weather and low temperatures, gas pressure is very low and the gas-fired power plant in Brazi, owned by OMV Petrom, has been automatically disconnected from the energy system. On Tuesday noon, the plant was disrupted and did not produce electricity, in conditions in which the national energy consumption is currently very high, respectively of approximately 8200-8300MW, according to data from the National Energy Dispatch. In houses and institutions, people resorted to either gas boilers or electric heating. Under these circumstances, consumption is comparable with that during a cold winter, so other production capacities operate at full power. Another effect of low temperatures is that wind energy production is at very high quota, amounting to approximately 19% of the total electricity produced in Romania. It will cost the end-consumer, as wind energy is very expensive, resulting in higher bills to consumers.