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Nuclearelectrica to produce less energy in 2014, according to estimates


Romania’s nuclear energy producer Nuclearelectrica Bucharest (BSE: SNN) estimates for this year an energy production of 10.54mln MWh, down 1.3% compared to 2013, according to company data submitted to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE). The company mentioned that it had already concluded supply contracts on the competitive market for almost 28% of the expected volume. The state-owned company announced BSE that it forecasted for this year a production of 10.546mln MWh and data submitted to the capital market operator shows a volume of 10.68mln MWh for 2013. Nuclearelectrica says it has already concluded 38 contracts for the sale of electricity on the competitive market, for 2.9mln MWh, the volume accounting for 27.65% of the production estimated for this year. “Under ANRE Decision, SNN has the obligation to sell on the regulated market in 2014 an amount of 3,742,440MWh (about 35.5% of the scheduled production) at a regulated price of RON 145.88/MWh (this regulated price does not include the TG transmission tariff). In 2013, the amount of electricity sold on the regulated market was 5,308,173MWh (about 49.7% of production), at a regulated price of RON 142.00/MWh”, the communique submitted to BSE also shows. Nuclearelectrica posted in the first nine months of 2013 a turnover of RON 1.425bn (EUR 323.3mln), up 19%, and a net profit of RON 331.2mln (EUR 75.1mln), from losses in the similar period of 2012. The two units of CNE Cernavoda produced an amount of electricity of 8.693mln MWh (gross) and delivered in the national energy system 7.986mln MWh, the difference of 707,000MWh representing the own consumption of units during operation, as well as during planned and unplanned shut-downs. The Cernavoda power plant operates with two reactors, which cover approximately 20% of Romania’s energy consumption.