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Investors in the wind sector, in state of alert due to tax on turbines and cables


Investors in the wind energy sector are in a state of alert because the Government’s plans to tax turbines and electric cables and say that they haven’t been consulted on new taxes, according to a communique submitted by the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA). “Currently investors in wind energy are in state of alert and concerned about the governmental statements, according to which a new taxation is prepared, on turbines and underground electric cables. The legitimate question to ask is: Did the authorities make an impact study on the financial affordability of all these measures by investors in wind energy capacities?”, RWEA President Ionel David asked rhetorically. Finance Minister Daniel Chitoiu announced, after the IMF and CE visit, that the Government would introduce on January 1st a tax on special constructions. It’s about poles, energy transmission and distribution networks, storages, warehouses, hydropower plants or wells. The amounts will go to the state budget. He also says that impact of these tax measures on incomes already diminished from the enforcement of GEO no. 57/2013 is not known. GEO no. 57/2013 postponed from trading a number of two green certificates for photovoltaic energy and one green certificate for the wind power plants and micro hydropower stations. Initially, for one MWh of energy produced by solar panels the producers received six certificates, three for the same amount from micro hydro sources and two for one MWh generated in the wind sector.