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Investment of EUR 11mln in a photovoltaic park in Sfantu Gheorghe


Sfantu Gheorghe Municipality will build a photovoltaic park, following an investment of approximately EUR 11mln, the project’s funding contract being signed on Friday in presence of Minister for Energy Constantin Nita. The signing of the funding contract for the project “Photovoltaic system for power generation for public lighting and supply of institutions in Sfantu Gheorghe municipality”, filed under the Operational Programme for Economic Competitiveness, took place on Friday, in presence of Minister for Energy Constantin Nita and of Sfanty Gheorghe Mayor Antal Arpad. Constantin Nita stated that Sfantu Gheorghe Municipality plans to cut energy expenses, mentioning that there were other municipalities submitting such projects. In turn, the Sfantu Gheorghe Mayor Antal Arpad said that the total value of the project amounts to RON 47.5mln (about EUR 11ml) and the own contribution of the municipality is 2%, respectively RON 763.000. Local authorities will arrange, throughout the 20 months of implementation, a park with solar panels and the amount of energy produced by these panels will enter into the national power system, Sfantu Gheorghe municipality following to pay the difference between the consumption made and its own amount of energy. Antal claims that through the solar panels the city could save about 85% to the energy bill per year, mentioning that last year the electricity expenses of the municipality amounted to RON 2.5mln.