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Interim directors of Electrica Furnizare received mandates of almost four years in the Board of Directors


Interim directors of Electrica Furnizare, company controlled by the state-owned company Electrica SA, received on Wednesday in the general meeting of shareholders mandates of almost four years in the Board of Directors. Electrica Furnizare shareholders, Electrica SA and the Property Fund (BSE: FP), approved on February 13th the appointment of the five directors, according to company sources. The Board of Directors of Electrica Furnizare is led by Ioan Rosca, managing director of Electrica SA, Mircea Patrascoiu, head of the company, Victoria Lupu, director with the Ministry of Economy, Oana-Valentina Truta, representative of the Property Fund, and Marcel-Valentin Ionescu, Board member of SIF Moldova (BSE: SIF2). Government has committed to the IMF to sell the stake owned through Electrica SA in Electrica Furnizare and in the three energy distribution companies of Electrica SA.

Image source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net