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InterAgro sold on OPCOM the most expensive energy in Romania


InterAgro SRL, controlled by Romanian businessman Ioan Niculae, yesterday managed to sell 15,120MWh of base load energy at a price of RON 253/MWh, according to Economica.net. The buyer was the trader Tinmar Ind and the transaction was performed on the energy exchange, OPCOM. The delivery period is February 20th – December 31st 2013. Lately, because of the lack of energy in the market, base load energy was traded at prices relatively high, of RON 220-230/MWh. InterAgro group has built several thermal power plants on the chemical plants platforms, with a total installed power of 81MW, for which it spent EUR 72mln. Also, it plans to build a thermal power plant of 1,000MW in Turnu Magurele, for whose construction it initially had a partnership with Alro Slatina (BSE: ALR), but which failed, and now is in negotiations with the Bulgarian Government to attract funding for its development.