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Hidroelectrica to open offices in Budapest and Vienna for energy export


Hidroelectrica will have offices in Budapest and Vienna for export on the European energy market, Remus Borza, representative of Euro Insol, the company’s official receiver, stated on Wednesday during a press conference. “Hidroelectrica opens offices in Budapest and Vienna. It will make exports and start to rely on the European energy market”, Remus Borza stated. Remus Borza also said that Hidroelectrica would have a professional management within two months, which could come from the company or outside it, without political interference.  “Hidroelectrica plans to hire within two months the best specialists for management from both the company and outside it. We guarantee a transparent selection and without political interference. I refer to those appointments on political criteria of people who had problems regarding competence and morality and I refer to the lack of managing abilities. Hidroelectrica will be the first company with a professional management. Before the exit from insolvency the management will be fully changed. The criteria that this management selection will be based on will be strictly objective”, Remus Borza stated.