GD 952/2014


The Official Gazette of Romania Part I no. 860 of November 26th 2014

The Government of Romania

  • Decision no. 952 of October 29th 2014 on changing the inventory values of assets belonging to the public domain, transition from the public domain and from the administration of the National Agency for Mineral Resources to the private domain of the state of goods leased to S.C. “Conpet” – SA Ploiesti, approving the Addendum no. 3 to the Petroleum Concession Agreement for the activity of exploitation of the national transmission system for oil, gasoline, condensate and ethane, including of trunklines and installations, equipment and annexed facilities, related to the system, concluded between the National Agency for Mineral Resources and S.C. “Conpet” – S.A. Ploiesti, as well as updating the appendix no.  22 to Government Decision no. 1.705/2006 approving the centralized inventory of goods of the public domain

You can download the Decision in Romanian here:

HG 952 din 2014 – Monitorul nr. 860 din 26.11.2014

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