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EFT plans to invest at least EUR 50mln in Romania


Energy Financing Team (EFT) plans to invest at least EUR 50mln in Romania, in a hydropower plant or a coal-fired thermal power plant, after it establishes a special energy fund, Milos Hamovici, Vice President and shareholder of the group, announced on Monday at a press conference. “We plan to invest at least EUR 50mln, either in a hydropower plant or in a coal-fired thermal power plant. However, we think that we would rather invest in a thermal power plant. Our plan is to create, in the next years, a large energy fund to have the capacity to invest in several projects in the region, including Romania. We believe we that we will invest in thermal energy. We will contribute with the energy generation project and then sell it in the market. We are now holding talks to establish the fund”, Hamovici said. He believes that the establishment of this fund will take around 6 months – 1 year, “then we will go to the list of projects and identify the best of them”. EFT Group is one of the most important European groups, which carries out electricity transactions and makes investments in the energy sector, in Central and South-East Europe.