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Contracts worth RON 670mln from EU funds for green energy


Ministry of Economy on Monday signed 11 contracts to co-finance from EU funds projects worth RON 670mln for energy efficiency and electricity generation from renewable sources. Companies Chimcomplex Borzesti, Elsid Titu, Soceram and Electrocarbon are among the beneficiaries, which will carry out energy efficiency projects. Beneficiaries of the funds for renewable energy production are companies Energie Ecologica ROGIS, Geo Data, Marex, Electricom, Solar Power, Suraki and Eralt Impex. Companies that received the biggest funds are Energie Ecologica Rogis and Suraki, each with almost RON 80mln. The two companies are carrying out energy production projects in wind plants in Braila and Giurgiu counties. The project of Energie Ecologica ROGIS is worth a total of RON 189.2mln, and of Suraki – RON 154.5mln. Solar Power received grants worth RON 46.5mln for a project worth a total of RON 81.5mln for energy generation in a solar park in Ilfov County. Electricom will use the RON 33.5mln received from EU funds to build a wind park in Casimcea, Tulcea County, whose total value amounts to RON 72.8mln. Chimcomplex Borzesti received grants worth RON 23mln for an investment of RON 63.7mln in a cogeneration facility.

Image source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net