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Cogeneration plant of EUR 15mln in Giurgiu


Electro Energy Sud inaugurated in Giurgiu a high-efficiency cogeneration plant, the total investment amounting to approximately EUR 15mln. Of this amount, EUR 6mln was represented by loans and the remaining of EUR 9mln were the company’s own resources. The cogeneration system simultaneously produces heat and electricity and has a yield of 90%. The old thermal power plant of Giurgiu is currently used only to cover consumption peaks. Electricity produced in cogeneration is delivered in the national power system. The plant has a power of 17.6MW of electricity, respectively 16MW thermal energy and is equipped with four cogeneration engines. Four companies participated to its construction, work being carried out over almost a year. The technology allows remote electronic surveillance, having two command centers, one in Bucharest and one in Austria.