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Authorities plan to reduce the cogeneration bonus by 15-20%


The Department for Energy has prepared a draft Government Decision to amend the criteria and conditions necessary to implement the support scheme for the promotion of high-efficiency cogeneration. The draft prepares the way to reduce the cogeneration bonus from next year, following the overcompensation analysis by ANRE (the energy market regulator). Changes proposed aim at achieving, in Q4/2013, the analyzes of overcompensation estimate for 2014 and the analysis of overcompensation of electricity and heat producers in cogeneration that benefited from the support scheme for high-efficiency cogeneration in 2011 and 2012. This creates the prerequisites to bring forward by 6 months the decrease of the cogeneration contribution paid by electricity consumers. According to the substantiation note of the draft regulation, authorities estimate that the decrease in bonus for 2014 and including the overcompensation related to 2011 and 2012 in the incomes necessary to cover the support scheme will lead to a diminishing of the contribution for cogeneration, from January 1st 2014, by about 15-20% compared to its current value. The support scheme for cogeneration applies during 2010-2023. Each electricity and heat producer in cogeneration benefits from the support scheme for maximum 11 consecutive years, from 2010.

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