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ANRE: the number of green certificates will drop, for solar energy the most


The number of green certificates per MWh allocated to renewable energy producers will be reduced for wind, hydro and solar energy, according to the Report on the overcompensation analysis of the promotion system through green certificates of renewable energy for 2012 prepared by the National Energy Regulatory Authority. ANRE discussed during the Friday’s Regulatory Committee the cost-benefit analysis report for 2012, which revealed that there is overcompensation in the market following the number of green certificates granted in the three areas, according to a communique submitted on Friday by ANRE. Thus, the number of green certificates for new wind plants will drop from 2 certificates/MWh to 1.5, for reused wind plants from 2 certificates/MWh to 1.3, for the new hydropower stations with an installed power of up to 10MW from 3 certificates to 2.3 and for wind energy, from 6 certificates to 3 green certificates. The reduction in the number of green certificates will be applied by Government Decision, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, according to the quoted source.