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ANRE rejected the licensing of two companies owned by RCS&RDS as electricity distributors


The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) on Tuesday rejected the licensing of two companies controlled by telecom operator RCS&RDS as electricity distributors.

“Pursuant to provisions of art. 5 paragraph (1) letter a) of Law no. 160/2012, the Regulatory Committee of ANRE decided to reject the request of companies DELALINA SRL and FOTO DISTRIBUŢIE SRL to grant the license for the provision of the electricity distribution service. The Regulatory Committee grounded this decision on the basis of art. 27 paragraph (5) of the Regulation for granting licenses and permits in the electricity sector (Regulation), approved by ANRE Order no. 12/2015, given the failure of DELALINA SRL to fulfill the conditions provided in art. 23 paragraph (2) letter g), art. 23 paragraph (2) letter i) and art. 29 paragraph 1) letters b) and c) of the Regulation and, respectively, of FOTO DISTRIBUŢIE SRL to fulfill the conditions provided in art. 23 paragraph (2) letter i) and in art. 29 paragraph (1) letter b) of the Regulation”, ANRE shows in a communique.

The representatives of the authority claim that they thus made “the only decision allowed according to the legislative framework in force.”

Last year, RCS&RDS accused ANRE of hindering competition in the electricity distribution market, violating the Constitution, as it rejected the licensing of several companies of the group as distributors.

RCS&RDS carries out, through two companies, projects for the development of electricity distribution networks and in September requested ANRE to issue the necessary licenses for pilot projects in Oradea and near Timişoara, but ANRE does not allow the provision of the service without the approval of distribution operators currently providing the service in each area.