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ANRE Order no. 78/2013 (translation available)


The Official Gazette of Romania no. 664 of October 30th 2013

The National Energy Regulatory Authority

  • Order no. 78 of October 23rd 2013 on the approval of reference bonuses for electricity produced in high-efficiency cogeneration and of reference prices for heat produced in cogeneration, applicable in 2014.

!!! In force from 01.01.2014 until 01.01.2015. It shall be repealed and replaced by ANRE Order 109/2014.!!!

You can download the Order in Romanian here:

Ordin ANRE 78 din 2013 – Monitorul Oficial nr. 664 din 30.10.13

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Translation preview: 

Ordin ANRE 78 din 2013 - Monitorul nr. 664 din 30.10.2013_eng