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Wind energy producers are considering suing the Romanian state


The Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) has expressed dissatisfaction with the Government decision to approve the emergency ordinance amending the Law 220/2008 on renewable energy and warns that its effects could be serious for the Romanian economy. According to a RWEA release, the amendment of legislation regulating the energy sector cannot be made by an Emergency Ordinance. Therefore, the regulatory act approved on Tuesday by the Government could be illegal, also violating European directives in the field, RWEA also shows. RWEA members will approach the competent Romanian and European institutions to clarify this issue and, depending on their own business rationale, will decide individually whether to initiate lawsuits in international courts. According to RWEA, following this decisions the investors in wind projects may lose hundreds of millions of euros, which they won’t accept very easily, since investments have been made based on a legislation in force.

Image source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net