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Transelectrica Bucharest issued green certificates worth RON 1.1bn in the first seven months of 2013


Transelectrica issued 6.12 million green certificates for energy from renewable sources, produced during January – July 2013, according to data published on the website of the energy exchange OPCOM, quoted by Agerpres. At an average price of RON 180/certificate, the total value of green certificates issued in the first seven months exceeds RON 1.1bn. Of the total, 1.15 million green certificates were traded on the Centralized Market of Green Certificates managed by OPCOM in the analyzed period. Green certificates are the incentives received by producers of renewable energy, which thus obtain an additional income, besides the actual price of energy. As of July 1st the Government changed the support scheme under GEO 57/2013, in order to stop energy price hikes. Thus, the photovoltaic projects receive only 4 green certificates per MWh, compared to 6 certificates before, the remaining certificates following to be recovered as of 2017. Wind projects receive only one certificate out of two, while they micro hydropower plants – two certificates out of three. The recovery of the postponed green certificates will be made as of April 1st 2017 for hydropower plants and for solar power plants and as of January 1st 2018 for the wind power plants, gradually, by December 31st 2020.