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Transelectrica asks green certificates for investments in the network


Power grid operator Transelectrica Bucharest (BSE: TEL) asks the Government to receive part of the support scheme through green certificates granted for renewable energy, to obtain part of the funds necessary to develop energy transmission networks. “Transelectrica’s proposal is to direct part of the green certificates granted for energy production from renewable sources to the company. Thus, we would obtain part of the EUR 600mln necessary to strengthen the power grid”, according to sources in the system. Government will postpone, during July 1st 2013 – December 31st 2016 the granting of one green certificate per MWh for micro hydropower stations and for wind plants and of two certificates for photovoltaic plants, in order to cease the “uncontrolled increase” in electricity prices. Transelectrica should receive part of the green certificates to be suspended from trading during 2013-2016. The construction of more energy production units from alternative sources has started to put a significant pressure. Transelectrica’s problem is that most renewable plants are concentrated in the south-east of the country, and to evacuate energy to consumers from other regions it’s necessary to build new transmission lines. The investment in such lines is assessed at EUR 600mln.