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The Rompetrol Group, 15 million tons of crude traded through the Midia port


The Rompetrol Group, through its Midia Marine Terminal (MMT), recently reached a level of more than 15 million tons of crude unloaded at its offshore Black Sea terminal, at around 5 years from the commissioning thereof. “The delivery of 15 million tons of crude to the Petromidia refinery is a milestone in the evolution of the Rompetrol group, thanks to the direct connection between the 8.6 km offshore Black Sea terminal and the tank farm of the processing unit. This is on top of the amortization in just 5 years of the USD 100 million investment required to build and commission the terminal, thanks to the optimization of the crude supply process, reduction of unloading times and elimination of processing losses. On average, the costs of transferring the raw materials to the refinery have been reduced by 7 USD/ton as compared to the previous method of supply through the Constanta Port, by both shortening the route with approximately 33 km, and a strict flow control and improvement of the refinery tank farm management (400,000 tons)”, declared Ioan Taus, head manager of Midia Marine Terminal. The threshold of 15.4 million tons has been recorded by unloading the oil tank Altai, with a load of around 94,000 tons of crude for the Petromidia refinery. This was the 31st ship unloaded at the Midia Marine Terminal this year and the 182nd since the commissioning of this terminal in February 2009. With a transport capacity of 115.000 tdw*, the ship is owned by the Kazmortransflot Kazakhstan maritime national transport company and connects the Midia port with the Novorossiysk port of Russia.

Source: The Communication and Public Relations Department of the Rompetrol Group