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RON 780mln – the population’s contribution to support green energy


The population last year paid subsidies worth RON 779mln to green energy producers, according to a document of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), which details the quotas of green certificates for each supplier. Thus, overall the population supported through its bills the costs of 3,22mln green certificates. Such a certificate represents the equivalent of 1MWh of green energy produced and supplied from renewable sources. Suppliers are forced to acquire a certain quota of certificates proportional with the total amount of energy sold, subsequently transferring these costs to their subscribers. The biggest quota belongs to Electrica Furnizare, which supplies energy for the population and the institutions in the three areas where Electrica owns the distribution license, i.e. Muntenia Nord, Transilvania Nord and Transilvania Sud. The state-owned company was forced to buy 1.238mln green certificates and accounts by itself for more than one third of the total amount. It is followed by Enel Muntenia (558,000 certificates) and Enel Energie (529,000 certificates). The first supplies Bucharest and the neighboring areas, while Enel Energie provides electricity for Banat and Dobrogea. The next in the list are E.ON Energie (457,000) and CEZ Vanzare (438,000), groups providing energy for Moldavia and Oltenia. Green certificates are traded between EUR 27 and 55, but as the mandatory quota is not entirely fulfilled, they are sold at the maximum price on OPCOM exchange. Thus, the 3.2mln certificates mean EUR 177mln. 

Situation of the number of green certificates necessary to be purchased by economic operators who have the obligation to acquire green certificates to meet the mandatory quota of green certificates for 2012:

Download the pdf document here

Source: www.anre.ro (The National Energy Regulatory Authority)