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RWEA is requesting a dialogue between the authorities and the wind energy industry officials


Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) requests the authorities to start a dialogue with the wind energy industry representatives and to find common answers for the Romanian society, starting from the principle of legal predictability, a press release of the association mentions. “We specify that, as of 2010, since basically we can speak about the first wind projects implemented in Romania, about 2,000MW were installed within two years and all the facilities have the highest technological level”, RWEA President Ionel David stated. Last year the 12% share of renewable energy in the gross electricity consumption of our country (stipulated by law) wasn’t met and accounted for only 8% of the total consumption, the communique specifies. “It would be desirable even a concerted action of the Romanian state towards the main equipment producers, in order to open production units in Romania, but this initiative would be successful if they received stability and not permanent legislative changes”, Ionel David said. One third of foreign direct investments last year came from wind energy projects.  “Overall, the 2,000MW that Romania currently gets from wind are the result of total investments of over EUR 3bn, a level matched by no other industry of the Romanian economy. Broken down, it should be mentioned that in Romania each MW installed has behind investments of EUR 1.57mln, of which around EUR 1mln is the turbine price and the remaining EUR 570,000 are spent on technical studies, land acquisition, paying the permits, transport, the construction of roads and power grids, high voltage stations, meteorological and dispatch services etc.”, RWEA communique reads.

Image Source: www.stockfreeimages.com