Rovana Plumb: “At the moment, there are no other requests from Chevron concerning shale gas”


Chevron has not sent so far other requests on shale gas prospecting or exploration stages, besides those already known, in Dobrogea and Vaslui, Environment Minister Rovana Plumb stated yesterday in a press conference. She stated: “From the point of view of the Ministry of Environment, of compliance with the highest environmental standards, I asked for the exploration in Vaslui an environmental impact assessment study, which was carried out according to the regulations in force. There are no other requests, but only the screening decision for prospecting operations, in Dobrogea. We currently don’t have other requests from Chevron. Exploration is the second phase for identifying this natural resource, and for exploration and environmental impact assessment has been requested, according to the European Directive. The exploration permit for Dobrogea can be discussed after the prospecting phase ends, which may take a year or two and only after the environmental impact assessment”.