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Romania’s Government to significantly reduce the support granted to renewable energy producers, as of January 1st


The Government of Romania has decided that wind energy producers will receive, from January 1st 2014, only 1.5 green certificates for each MWh of energy delivered to consumers, while photovoltaic units will be granted with three green certificates, half of the current level. Wind units will receive, until 2017, a number of 1.5 green certificates for each MWh delivered in the network, and after 2018 they will collect 1.25 green certificates, according to a decision approved by the Government. Currently, wind power plants receive two green certificates until 2017 and, respectively, one green certificate after 2018. For solar parks, the number of green certificates will be reduced, from January 1st, from six to three per MWh of electricity. In the case of new micro hydropower stations with an installed power of no more than 10MW, the number of green certificates will drop from three to 2.3 green certificates per MWh of electricity.

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