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Romanian Minister Constantin Nita has met with Poland’s Ambassador to Bucharest


Minister Delegate for Energy Constantin Nita met yesterday with Poland’s Ambassador to Bucharest, Marek Szczygiel, a press release specifies. The agenda of discussions included: regional cooperation in the energy field, policies in the area of unconventional exploration and exploitation and structured cooperation in terms of the integration of DAM energy market from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Ambassador Marek Szczygiel made a presentation of the Polish project, with regional impact, aiming at the development of the LNG terminal. The completion of this project will contribute to the increase of Poland’s energy independence degree, following to be interconnected to a transmission network ensuring distribution to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In terms of exploration and exploitation activities of conventional and unconventional resources, the two parties reiterated their commitment on a cooperation applied in the drafting of policies aiming at this sector, the communique mentions. “Poland is a reference country for Romania in terms of capitalizing the economic opportunities.  The fact that they are advanced in the process of drafting the legislation on the oil and gas sector may be a helpful element for Romania in the context in which we rely on the maximum use of the potential of these two resources over a medium and long term. Moreover, it’s vital to develop powerful partnerships at regional level, which contribute to a unitary expression in the European Union”, Minister Delegate for Energy Constantin Nita stated. During the meeting, Minister Constantin Nita specified that construction works for the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline would begin in May, estimating its completion by late this year. Both parties reaffirmed their support for the development of Nabucco project as an important part of the supply sources diversification process.