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Romania eliminates the electricity transmission tariffs


ANRE (Romania’s energy market regulatory authority) has decided to eliminate the transmission tariff charged for the export and import of electricity. It means a breath of air for the local electricity producers, but also for suppliers, whose businesses are seriously affected by the sharp decline in consumption. Ion Lungu, President of the Association of Electricity Suppliers in Romania (AFEER), stated: “The measure is excellent for both producers, especially for the thermal energy producers that don’t find buyers in the market because they are the most expensive, and for suppliers. Elimination of transmission tariffs is an important breath of air for our energy sector. The region is experiencing a surplus of energy, because all countries register consumption declines, amid the crisis. Elimination of the transmission tariff makes our energy to have attractive tariffs and it can be successfully sold in the neighboring countries”. Quitting the transmission tariffs means a reduction by around RON 20/MWh of energy export costs, he mentioned. Exported volumes will not be very significant, according to AFEER President estimates, but will be enough to maintain in the market the production of coal-fired power plants. The reason invoked by ANRE for the elimination of the transmission tariff is stopping the infringement procedure, started against Romania by the European Commission.