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OMV Petrom completes the modernization of Petrobrazi refinery


OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South-Eastern Europe, has announced the successful finalization of the modernization process of Petrobrazi refinery, performed during 2010-2014. Total investment in the modernization process amounted to around EUR 600 mln. The main target of the investment program was to increase competitiveness. OMV Petrom is now able to process the entire Romanian crude production of OMV Petrom in a single refinery. The adjustment of Petrobrazi refinery’s capacity up to 4.2 mn tonnes/year ensures the efficient processing of the crude, capitalizing on OMV Petrom’s integrated company model.

  • Around EUR 600 mn investment for modernization during 2010-2014
  • Refinery adapted to process entire crude production of OMV Petrom in Romania
  • Product yield structure adapted to market demand by increasing diesel production
  • Energy consumption reduced by 25%

The refinery is now in a position to produce according to market needs. Following the modernization process, diesel and jet fuel will have a share of up to 45% in the products yield structure of Petrobrazi refinery. While Petrobrazi refinery was capable of producing around 900,000 tonnes of diesel per year in 2009, presently the refinery’s diesel production capacity has increased to more than 1,500,000 tonnes. Neil Anthony Morgan, OMV Petrom Executive Board member, responsible for Refining and Marketing: “The increase of the diesel share in Petrobrazi refinery’s production will enable a better response to the demand on the Romanian market. In the past, when the refinery was designed, gasoline consumption exceeded that of diesel but in recent years this trend has reversed.” In addition, the commissioning of modern equipment and adjustment of refining capacity will have a positive impact on the refinery’s efficiency. The refinery’s total energy consumption will be reduced by 25% against 2009. Following the completion of the modernization program, the refinery now has a Nelson Index1 of 11.28, above local and regional peers. In the process the following installations were modernized, extended or replaced:

  • Gas oil hydro treating unit
  • Fluid catalytic cracker unit
  • Coker unit
  • Crude vacuum distillation unit
  • Gas desulfurization and sulphur recovery unit
  • Hydrogen plant
  • Refinery tank farms

The modernization process was complex, with most works being performed during two scheduled general shutdowns of the refinery. The operations in the final phase involved around 5,000 people working on site and were finalized on time, without any incidents.

Source: www.bvb.ro