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Nuclearelectrica last year was the main electricity supplier for the population


The largest amount of electricity consumed by the population last year came from Nuclearelectrica, according to the report on the regulated tariffs for 2013, prepared by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). Overall, the regulated energy market consumed in 2013 an amount of 15.3TWh. The nuclear energy producer covered one third of this consumption, supplying on the regulated market 5.3TWh, at a price of RON 142/MWh, this being the second largest price on the regulated market. The cheapest electricity was produced by Hidroelectrica and was sold on the regulated market at RON 125/MWh. The hydro energy producer last year supplied to the population and companies in the regulated segment an amount of energy of 3.9TWh. The following producer as importance for the population is Oltenia Energy Complex, which produced 2.4TWh of electricity, at a price of RON 190/MWh. OMV Petrom’s Brazi power plant also supplied on the regulated market 1.5TWh, at the price of RON 169/MWh. At the same time, Electrocentrale Bucharest supplied 1.2TWh, at RON 189/MWh. Other producers that supplied the regulated market in 2013 were Hunedoara Energy Complex, Termica Suceava, Electrocentrale Oradea, CET Bacău, CET Arad, CET Govora, RAAN Drobeta Turnu-Severin and CET Arad.