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Hidroelectrica plans to sell 25 micro hydropower stations


Hidroelectrica will organize early next month an international tender for the sale of 25 micro hydropower stations at a starting price of RON 73.6mln (EUR 16.6mln), part of a plan for the disposal of 88 such units. According to a Hidroelectrica communique, the state-owned company will sell the 25 units in five packages. The micro hydropower stations to be put up for sale are located in the counties of Bihor, Cluj, Hunedoara and Maramures. Hidroelectrica, company controlled by the state, still holds in its portfolio almost 160 micro hydropower stations. Between 2004 and 2008, Hidroelectrica sold 81 micro hydropower stations, for EUR 60mln. Towards the end of January, the official receiver of Hidroelectrica stated that it was trying to sell, by international public tender, 163 micro hydropower stations of the company, the estimated incomes amounting to approximately EUR 200mln. “We estimate to obtain over EUR 200mln from the sale of the 163 micro hydropower stations. For part of them we will try a public-private partnership, for others upgrade, and another part will be sold by international public tender”, according to Remus Borza, representative of Euro Insolv SPRL, company that manages Hidroelectrica following the start of the insolvency proceedings.