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GD 1019/2015


The Official Journal of Romania Part I no. 987 of 31 December 2015

The Government of Romania

  • Decision no. 1019 of December 30th 2015 approving measures for achieving safety stocks of the National Energy System in terms of fuels for the cold season and water volume in reservoirs, called Winter Program in the energy field for ensuring the operation in conditions of safety and stability of the National Energy System during January 1st – March 31st 2016, as well as other measures on safety and security in operation of the National Energy System

You can download the Government Decision in Romanian here:

GD 1019_2015 – Official Journal no. 987 of 31.12.2015

A translation into English is available upon request, at the price of EUR 4/page (1 page = 2,000 characters with spaces). To order a translation please contact us at mariana.stan@romaniascout.ro.


Image courtesy of John Kasawa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net