Fair Gas Prices. Information of gas customers. Comparison between ANRE and the similar authority in UK


by Dumitru Chisalita, Energy Expert

Informing gas customers is sublime, but almost absent. We will make a comparison between the way in which the regulatory authorities in Romania and UK understood to make available for customers and how they understood to inform customers.

table fairgasprices

In conclusion, we can say:

  • ANRE does not even fulfill the key characteristics of traditional marketing in developing consumer experience
  • ANRE does not reach, even tangentially, the experiential and strategic way in which Ofgem seeks to reach the objective to attract energy consumers in the UK
  • It is easily recognizable in the behavior of Ofgem by all types of ExPros (Experiential Providers)
  • The behavior of Ofgem organization is aligned with the information needs of energy consumers and continuously develops with tools designed to increase consumer engagement in the energy industry
  • By targeting the consumer experience, Ofgem is an important facilitator for information and ensures the best success rates for policy changes that must be implemented in such a dynamic industry as energy.
  • Given the millions of Romanian power and gas consumers, who are eager to find their way through barriers in the energy market, the way in which ANRE communicates with them has to change dramatically, by way of “listening and talking”. Its methods are few, and those that exist are so traditional that, without rethinking the experience process, ANRE will not achieve the targets set by law.

The Fair Gas Price (PretCorectLaGaze) campaign aims at providing the necessary information for the functioning of the non-household customers market, through:

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net