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Energy Strategy for Romanians: Energy Security in the Security Strategy of Romania


by Dumitru Chisalita, Energy Expert

In the context of higher competition for power and influence in the regional, European or global arena, energy resources play the most important role in the position held by a state and its positioning in the system of international relations. Using energy as instrument for pressure is tightly related to exercising economic power, an important component in the complex of a state’s power, and we could define it as any action or inaction of a player in the detonating chain exploiter-producer-transporter-distributor-consumer, directly or indirectly related to energy resources, with the aim of influencing the behavior of other players or control them, in order to reach own interests. Therefore, energy insecurity can be present on the entire respective chain and in any of the “links” involved in this process. Governments always have on their agenda strategic objectives aiming at positions of power or domination in the system of national or international relations. Direct or indirect control over resources, sources, routes, markets and prices of forms of energy can determine an extremely efficient instrument of blackmail, can determine the manipulation or imposition of desires of those who own and/or control them. In this regard, I believe the new Security Strategy of Romania must include the Energy Security of Romania. I believe the Energy Security of Romania could set as:

Purpose – Undertaking the primordial energy role in SEE, reducing energy dependence and guaranteeing access to energy

Vision – access to energy, diplomacy, stability and balance

Objectives – Romania’s primordial energy role in SEE, low energy dependence for Romania and ensuring security


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