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Energy expert: renewable energy would increase electricity bills by only EUR 2/MWh, not by EUR 12, as the authorities claim


The electricity bill could grow, in 2013, by EUR 12/MWh, authorities blaming this price hike on alternative energy, when actually renewable energy would only bring an increase of EUR 2/MWh, the remaining amount being a hidden subsidy to the benefit of thermal power units, “which we pay not to operate”, energy expert Jean Constantinescu, founder and former managing director of Transelectrica and of the National Energy Regulatory Authority, writes on his own webpage.  “(…) our officials started to feed and encourage a public concern regarding the impact of the new sources on electricity prices. Authorities are either unable to determine this impact, not understanding the market mechanisms 12 years after its creation, or want to blame the future price hikes caused by the inefficiency of other producers on alternative energy. Thus, according to ANRE calculations, this year renewable energy would increase our bills by EUR 12/MWh (RON 53/MWh). In 2015-2017, the increase would amount to EUR 25-30/MWh, with a peak of EUR 30/MWh in 2015”, Jean Constantinescu says. According to estimates, by late this year wind energy generation capacities will total an installed power of 3,000MW, over twice higher than of Cernavoda plant’s power. While Nuclearelectrica produces 17% of Romania’s electricity, the percentage of green energy in the national production will not exceed 8% in 2013, the energy expert claims. Alternative energy sources are renewable resources, others than hydro facilities with capacities higher than 10MW. Wind energy is in the first plan.

Image source: http://www.stockfreeimages.com/