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Electricity consumption increased by 0.2% last year in Romania, while resources went down 2.7%



Romania’s primary energy resources fell by 2.2% in 2012 and electricity resources by 2.7%, while final electricity consumption increased by 0.2% against 2011, according to preliminary data published on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). Thus, primary energy resources totaled 34.015mln toe in 2012, down by 767,400 toe compared with 2011. Domestic production totaled 22.766mln toe, down 2.7% against 2011, and imports stood at 11.248mln toe, down 1.2%. According to INS data, electricity resources stood at 60.442bn kWh in 2012, down by 1.672mln kWh (-2.7%) versus 2011. The decrease of the electricity resource was mainly caused by the lower production, by 1.825bn kWh (-3%). Production in thermal power plants totaled 33.179bn kWh, down by 135.1mln kWh (-0.4%). Production in hydropower plants was 12.227bn kWh, lower by 2.806bn kWh (-18.7), and production in nuclear plants totaled 11.466bn kWh, lower by 281mln kWh (-2.4%). Also, production in wind power stations was in 2012 2.64bn kWh, up by 1.397bn kWh compared to 2011. In terms of final electricity consumption in 2012, it totaled 52.956bn kWh, by 0.2% higher than in 2011. Public lighting recorded an increase by 4.5% last year, the household consumption increasing by 2.1%. In 2012, electricity export amounted to 710.5mln kWh, down by 1.746bn kWh, respectively by 71.1%, and technological consumption in networks and stations was 6.775bn kWh, down by 49.2mln kWh, respectively by 0.7%.

Image source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net