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ANRE: The cogeneration tax will not be removed, it will be reassessed


ANRE President Niculae Havrilet says PM Victor Ponta probably did not have all the elements on the cogeneration tax when he announced its elimination from invoices, specifying that ANRE was already working on a version to reduce this tax. “Probably PM Ponta did not know all the elements related to the cogeneration tax. (…) I don’t think we can speak about its elimination, but about reassessment, meaning that it will decrease in some cases. (…) We will propose another form, in which the calculation algorithm will be reviewed. ANRE was concerned about it before the Prime Minister’s statement. We still don’t have very clear data”, Havrilet stated, quoted by Mediafax. Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated on Monday that he had discussed with Minister for Energy Constantin Nita, showing that the cogeneration tax would be removed from invoices. According to ANRE President, the share in invoices of the cogeneration tax is 2-3%. According to Havrilet, the cogeneration tax was introduced in the consumers’ invoices following Romania’s external commitments to reduce pollution. He stressed that the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) was already in discussions with the Government on the cogeneration tax.